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Research project
Member Organization : NAVBO
This approach, which is more generally applicable, allowed detection of a transcriptional signature of primitive cells in adult peripheral blood, in relationship to age, vascular stiffness and blood pressure: http://dx.plos.org/10.1371/journal.pone...

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Our goal is to conduct translational research for the treatment of chronic pain conditions by resolving the neuro-pathophysiological interactions produced by impaired sleep and cardiorespiratory function. We work with animal models of chronic pain and...

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Member Organization : UCSD

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Member Organization : UCL
Chemibank is a pipeline for early drug discovery open to all UCL and UCL associated Institutes. Projects start with target assessment, bioinformatics and virtual screening through to biological assay/screening (manual and automated) and hit...

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Member Organization : Yale
The goal of this project is to identify the genes responsible for hydrocarbon production in the filamentous fungus, Ascocoryne sarcoides.

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Member Organization : NAVBO

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Member Organization : Yale
Recently we demonstrated that intracellular calcium regulates proliferation of hepatic stellate cells via CaMK II. We now have preliminary evidence that CaMK II regulates matrix release and myofibroblastic differentiation of hepatic stellate cells and...

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Member Organization : Yale
Help us learn more about the nature of memory! Participants must be: 21-45 years of age Right-handed Good physical and mental health Study involves: A physical examination Providing blood for genetic analysis Learning and...

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