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Laboratory protocol
We developed a high throughput analytical method capable of quantitating all of the chiral isomers of warfarin and the hydroxywarfarins, as well as indirect estimates for the corresponding glucuronides, from a single LC-MS injection. We are employing...

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we need help with sucrose gradient of exosomes nanoparticles; apparatus and know how

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Warm mice by infrared lump about 10-15 minutes. Inject in the tail vein 100 uL of 2% Evans blue in PBS. Wait 40 minutes, collect the blood by heart puncture and put into eppendorf tube or microvette coated with EDTA. Perfuse the mice...

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Nucleofection of bovine aortic endothelial cells: 1. Trypsinize endothelial cells and collect in centrifuge tube. For every plate of transfected cells you want, you need two plates of non-transfected cells at approximately 90% confluency. 2...

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We are interested in proteomic methods to pull out GEFs for Arf6 from cell lysates. This can be done with Rho family GTPases using the high affinity of GEFs for the nucleotide-free state. Does anyone have a protocol for doing the same thing with Arf6?

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Member Organization : Yale
My name is Yibing Qyang. I am a faculty in Yale Cardiology and Yale Stem Cell Center. We rountlinely derive doulbe, triple or knock-out ES cells from the blastcyst inner cell mass. If you have organ-specific cre, you can breed it with Rosa-YFP and get...

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