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Transgenic/KO animals
Member Organization : Yale
We are interested in looking into the roles of these genes in pregnancy loss. Please contact us if you have any of these tg/KO mice. Thank you.

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Member Organization : Dementia Manitoba
We breed these 3 strains of mice.

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Member Organization : Yale
One of my projects is focusing on coronary microvascular disease and exploring a molecular probe for early diagnosis. Now we are looking for FXIII KO mice. If anyone is interested in the cooperation, please let me know. Thanks! zhen zhuang

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Member Organization : NAVBO
These mice are available on a collaborative basis following execution of a simple MTA: Genesis. 2011 May 9. doi: 10.1002/dvg.20769. [Epub ahead of print] Characterization of pdgfrb-cre transgenic mice reveals reduction of ROSA26 reporter activity...

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Member Organization : Yale
I would like to request a gift of NFAT luciferase transgenic mice (male and female) for my calcineurin. study

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I am looking for transgenic/KO rats to use in studying sepsis.

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Member Organization : UCSD
PNMT promoter linked to Cre in C57BL/6 mouse

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Member Organization : Yale
We have Fibrillin 2 KO mice available for collaboration. We received these mice from Jackson Lab and studied them to an model of asthma (ovalbumin challenge). We did not find a phenotype. They are easy to breed and pehnotype as they have syndactyly...

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We have Transgenic mice with an inducible lung specific CC10-VEGFA Transgene available for collaborative projects. Please see Lee et al, Nature Medicine 2004.

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