Structure Based Drug Design and Medicinal ChemistryListed By : E. Jon Jacobsen
Saint Louis University CWHM
The Center for World Health and Medicine (CWHM) at Saint Louis University is a not-for-profit research center dedicated to the discovery and development of medicines to treat diseases that predominantly affect the world's poor and underserved patient populations. The CWHM consists of a multidisciplinary team of former pharmaceutical company scientists possessing the necessary skill sets required for small molecule drug discovery. The CWHM in partnership with our MCG colleagues at the University of Missouri, St. Louis have state of the art chemistry facilities. We are an accomplished medicinal chemistry group with significant expertise in the design of compounds with the appropriate safety, pharmacokinetic and pharmaceutical properties required for human development. CWHM/MCG chemists also have considerable expertise in structure-based drug design (SBDD) and have collaborations in place with molecular modelers to further enhance our capabilities. The CWHM will consider collaborative proposals to consult or collaborate on neglected disease targets using our medicinal chemistry design and synthetic skill sets.

Keywords: CWHM; chemistry; synthesis; medchem; medicinal chemistry; structure-based drug design; SBDD; lead optimization
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