phospho-Smad1,5,8 rabbit monoclonal for paraffin IHC and IBListed By : Volkhard Lindner
Maine Medical Center
CategoryGenePathwayDiseaseMember Organization
Validated antibodyCytokines and signaling moleculeNAVBO
Clone ID: Vli31-5 rabbit monoclonal IgG
Species Cross-reactivity: Human, mouse, rat, bovine, others not tested
Applications: +WB +IHC +ICC
Molecular Wt: 48/52 kDa

Specificity: A synthetic phospho-peptide corresponding to the C-term of human Smad1,-5, -8 [NPIS(pS)V(pS)] was used as immunogen.

Recommended Dilutions:
WB: 1:1000-10000 for dehydrated bioreactor supernatant

IHC: 1:250-5000 for bioreactor supernatant, paraffin-embedded, formaldehyde fixed, 20 min antigen retrieval in vegetable steamer (10mM sodium citrate, 0.05% Tween-20, pH6.0)
Note, antigen seems unstable, therefore rapid penetration of (para)formaldehyde fixative is important and size of specimens should be kept small.

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