Structure Activity Relationships to Develop Improved Cancer DrugListed By : DANA RUNDLE
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SHetA2 is the first compound of its kind to pass National Cancer Insititute pre-clinical testing and is available for FDA in-human trials for the prevention of ovarian cancer. However, SHetA2 may function poorly in human clinical trials and analogs should be tested as possible alternative treatments. The hypothesis is that SHetA2-related compounds will exhibit varying levels of cancer chemoprevention based on their chemical structure, and a preliminary study conducted by undergraduate students have demonstrated that SHetA2-analogs do exhibit varying levels of cytotoxicity. The main goal of this project is for undergraduate students to evaluate 26 Oklahoma-made compounds related to SHetA2 for future clinical trials by assessing each molecule's ability to promote cancer cell death with little or no effect on noncancerous cells. Correlation of chemical structure to biological activity will guide future drug synthesis by eliminating nonproductive modifications and confirming chemical features that enhance anti-cancer properties. Prospective compounds will undergo further investigation by Western blot to detect protein expression levels characteristic of cells undergoing apoptosis and by caspase 3 enzyme activity.
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