Synthetic Anticancer AgentsListed By : Seth Herzon
Yale University
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My laboratory has created a family of natural product-inspired anticancer agents. We have evaluated our compounds at the Yale Center for Chemical Genomics, and they are exhibiting IC50 values in the low nM range against K562, HeLa, LnCAP, and HCT-116 lines. Their mechanism of action is unknown, although the natural products have been shown to cleave DNA. An evaluation of the natural products at the NCI has shown that they have a toxicity profile that is distinct from other known DNA damaging agents. We can readily access gram-quantities of these agents for further studies.

We are looking for researchers who might find these compounds useful in medicinal applications, for example, for treatment of a specific cancer. We are capable of synthesizing new analogs, such as those incorporating a specific recognition or targeting element, and would be excited to pursue this avenue of research. Thanks,

Seth Herzon
203 436 8571
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