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Tissue Access for Patient Benefit is a UCL initiative that seeks to allow researchers to access human tissue samples. The initiative is not-for-profit and charges on the basis of recovering the cost of organizing and delivering samples to researchers. We will work with you to obtain ethical approval through a robust governance framework, and approval from NHSBT (National Health Service Blood and Transplant) to receive approval to user the tissue for your research project

We currently receive liver, kidney, lymph node, spleen samples that are retrieved from organ transplant donors that are unsuitable for transplantation. Some of this tissue is used for internal research, but we often have additional tissue that is not used and would otherwise be disposed of.

The largest amount of tissue we receive is liver samples and kidney. We can offer around 100 to 200g of liver tissue and 50g to a whole kidney (if two are received). The livers we receive can be quite fatty, but can often be healthy and are refused for transplantation due to the time of warm ischemia.
The lymph node samples and approximately 1g to 2 g and are taken at the same time as the liver. The spleen samples are usually 3g to 5g.

The samples are commonly come to us after 6 to 12 hours from removal.

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